Woolpower Merino Wool 400g Zip Vest - NO EMBROIDERY

Woolpower Merino Wool 400g Zip Vest - NO EMBROIDERY

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This soft Merino Vest is the perfect mid-layer wool garment designed to keep the body’s core temperature regulated from cold to the coldest of climates. Vest 400 is made from Woolpower’s unique Ullfrotté Original Merino wool terry loop material making it the premiere undergarment for extreme moisture wicking and warmth protection. Warm insulating coverage of the body’s vital organs and the absence of sleeves makes this wool vest the optimal mid-layer wool garment for cold outdoor activity. Vest 400 features a straight bottom hem for superior fit and comfort. Excellent Merino wool vest for hunting, skiing, hiking, or fishing.

These specific items do not have the Woolpower chest embroidery seen in the promo picture. 


70% Merino Wool
28% Polyester
  2% Elastane


Discontinued. All sales final