Woolpower Merino Wool 200g Wrist Gaiter

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It’s all in the wrists! The Woolpower Wrist Gaiter provides an additional layer of protection against cold weather, when used as a base layer with other mitts. They're also perfect for keeping your hands warm, when you still need your fingers for tasks requiring dexterity. 

The Wrist Gaiters provide excellent cover to both your hands, and wrist. They feature terry-knit loops on the inside, a flat knit design on the outside and are constructed out of Ullfrontté Original 200g which is a mixture of Merino Wool, Polyester and Polyamide. 

60% Merino Wool
25% Polyester
15% Polyamide

Weight:  200 g/m2
Microns:  19.5

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