Zip Turtleneck 200gm

Zip Turtleneck 200gm

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Woolpower Zip Turtleneck 200gm2, features a quarter zip and high collar to protect the neck , and longer back to prevent gaps between the garment and pants. The blend of merino wool mixed with synthetic, is exceptionally durable, and allows it to have high performance moisture wicking, and helps to retain maximum body heat through Woolpower's Ullfrotté Original terry loop knit design. Minimal seams mean minimal friction points, an ideal base or mid layer. 

Machine washable (60ºC) water. Dryer safe.

– Materials – 

60% Merino wool
25% Polyester
13% Polyamide
2% Eastan

Super durable. Natural , quality wool thermal wear for Canada winter cold.

Responsibly Made in Sweden.

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