Woolpower Merino Wool FR Full Zip Jacket 400g

Woolpower Merino Wool FR Full Zip Jacket 400g

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A high performance wick, while trapping air to retain maximum body heat through unique Ulfrotte terry loop knit means top quality workwear. Minimal seams for minimal friction points. Features longer back to protect lower torso with high collar for extra neck protection. Fabric design offers the ultimate in durability.
Super durable. Natural , quality wool thermal wear for Canada winter cold.
EN Certification
APTV Value of 34,3 cal/cm2

84 % Merino wool
14 % Aramide
1% Beltron
1% Elastane

Machine washable washable (60ºC) water. Dryer Safe
Seamstress proudly labels each garment with their name tag.
Responsibly Made In Sweden

Discontinued Product. All sales final.